Textbook definition: Informal measures of reading that yield useful information about student performance without comparisons to the performance of a normative population.
Lesson description: Writing Conference Log
Observation date: March 2, 2012
School and Teacher: Thomas Elementary, Mrs. Bristol
Grade level:5th

Objective of lesson: To assess the students writing and comprehension.
Materials used: Writing conference log.

  • The students were at specials so I had the opportunity to learn about the teachers writing conference log.
  • The teacher did not have an extra copy of the conference log so I drew a copy of my own.
  • She showed me a copy of a students conference log that she had done previously.
  • The teacher explained to me that she can use the students writing notebooks to for informal testing by reviewing the work they do throughout the week.
  • She uses her conference log to fill in the appropriate information and meets with the student once a week to go over what they are doing well in and what they need to work on.
  • She explained each column of the conference log.
  • The first column is the student.
  • The second column is the day of the conference with the student.
  • the third column is what the student knows and does well.
  • the forth column is where the teacher writes what the student needs improvement in.
  • The fifth column is notes that the teacher makes about the conference.
  • The sixth column is the date of a mini lesson that the student does to improve his/her skills that need improvement in.
  • Underneath the conference log is the key of terms the teacher uses in the conference log. Please see supporting documents for the key.
  • The teacher showed me examples of work from the students writing notebook and how she filled the conference log out.
  • We examined and a few other notebooks and conference logs while the students were at specials (about 25 minutes).
  • When they arrived back to class they had about 15 minutes to work on a social studies chapter lesson frame and then pack up for their next class.

Supporting documents:

Observations: The observations I made from this informal assessment were enlightening and informal. I really appreciated the teacher taking her extra time out to show me how she does an informal assessment. She does other assessments on the students, but uses this as a guide to see what her students are comprehending during their writing lessons.

Benefits: I think this would benefit the students in the way of guidance and support. By using an informal assessment such as the teacher's writing conference log the student knows what he/she needs to work for future success in the class.

Drawbacks: No drawbacks.